Race to the Bottom, Hero's Last Mission, Once An Empire at Powerhouse Pub, April 4 2013


Whoever has been complaining about the Sacramento Music Scene being dead is clearly living with some kind of blinders on. Last night at Powerhouse Pub, there was a packed house enjoying a high energy show from beginning to end. And it was delivered by 3 of the hardest working bands coming out of Sacramento.

Openers Once An Empire delivered their blend of Paramore-meets-90's-emo (think female fronted Jealous Sound or Knapsack). They might be my new favorite band in Sacramento now.

Hero's Last Mission are smooooooth. Seriously. SMOOOOOOTH. They are the perfect blend of a Maroon 5, your favorite cover band, and AC/DC. They know how to work a crowd. They know how to bring the funk. And they know how to write great party-crowd-pop-songs. (If I had to give one critique to their show, it was that they played a tad long for the middle band...but that may have been the club's doing or a scheduling thing).

As if that wasn't enough rock for the night, headliners Race To The Bottom were there to celebrate the release of their new EP "Stereotypical". They delivered a big rocknroll show, including guest appearances by members of Zen Arcadia and Trikome. Fans of Vertical Horizon, Splendor, KISS, Mr Big, and Dada should check these guys out. Between Paul's killer pipes and Joe's guitar shredding, there is enough in this band to keep any hard rock fan greatly entertained.

The Sacramento music scene is doing just fine.