Lamb of God - VII: Strum Und Drang

Lamb of God continue making records better than many of their peers, this one is no exception. The album is full of the typical highlights that make Lamb of God great -- epically creepy intros, amazing guitar arrangements that combine blues and trash metal influences. Several songs have big choruses bordering on pop in their catchiness -- "512" in particular. "Erase This" has one of the best choruses of any 2015 metal songs. "Overlord" shows the band puttting the blues influence much more up front, turning the volume down, and Randy Blythe singing (i.e. not screaming) thru the whole song, giving another great example of how Lamb of God are head and shoulders above their peers. The "Deluxe" version of the album includes 2 bonus tracks ("Wine & Piss" and "Nightmare Seeker") that are both more on the typical side of the band's sound -- worth hearing but there are enough break-out tracks on the standard edition to make it worth the the money if deluxe editions aren't your thing.

Verdict: Buy it
Highlights: Erase This, 512, Embers, Overlord