Episode 6 - Jeff Machado

Episode 6 of the Listening Game Podcast is up! In this episode we talk with Jeff Machado -- one half of The Shawn and Jeff Show, a long time favorite morning radio program from KWOD 106.5 and then later The Zone 100.5. Jeff and I chatted about how he got his start in radio, what KWOD was like during its heyday, and him marrying a groupie of the show...seriously! He and I both have strange stories revolving around the infamous INXS / Material Issue show at Arco Arena. Jeff now does voice-over work for a variety of entities, is a big believer in reinventing one's self, and making leaps towards doing what we love and being happier in life...boring corporate jobs, be damned!

This might be my favorite episode of the podcast thus far. It was really fun catching up with Jeff and seeing how our conversation would go. (There were a couple small audio issues while recording, you might here some minor background noises during the show.)

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