Episode 5 - The Jean Genies, RIP David Bowie

Last week I went down to The Rock Bar in San Jose and interviewed The Jean Genies, a David Bowie tribute band. Everyone in the band was super nice and very generous with their time. Adding to the fun was learning that we both knew some of the same people -- even 100 miles away from Sacramento there were mutual friends involved. Bowie's magic continues. :)

Thank you again to The Jean Genies! They were incredibly gracious with their time, stories, and hospitality. If you're looking to hear Bowie songs live, I highly recommend their show. :)

As you'll hear in the podcast, the 2nd half of the interview a discussion of the band's equipment, and how they manage to cover 40+ years of Bowie sounds during a live show. The interviews were Andrea, Mike, Jeff, then Jameson (we didn't really do intro-bumpers between each conversation). Pics are over here to correspond to the gear-nerd info. Enjoy!


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