Thoughts on the Billboard Music Awards

The Weeknd was nominated for 3 of the 4 songs in the “Best R&B” category. Nothing against The Weeknd but c’mon...NOBODY else had a worthy R&B song this whole year? Seriously? If that’s even slightly true, why is a genre so pathetic in its creative output even being mentioned this year? Also, just how crazy are your nomination rules that it’s even possible for one person to get 75% of the nominations? Are the Sammie Award folks now working at Billboard? ;)
Fun fact: on the 2-disc “Essential Celine Dion” CD collection, there are 27 songs. Celine is credited with writing exactly ZERO of those songs. (Nope, not even that song from Titanic is hers.) Good job picking the "icon" for your award ceremony this year, Billboard.
Speaking of Celine, her and Bob Dylan are both very much ALIVE and still working regularly. Please explain *WHY* they both received tributes at your show while David Bowie was completely snubbed? You DO know that he had multiple albums on YOUR charts earlier this year, right? (In fact there is one still on the chart right now.)
The Go-Go's sounded okay...but just okay. I wanted them to sound better. I'll probably still buy a ticket to see them on the farewell tour.
Fun fact: The Go-Go’s had a fake bass player during their performance. Kathy Valentine left the band a few years ago, and sued the bajeezus out of the other band members.
Questlove’s words about Prince were perfect. Madonna’s performance had a couple tiny spotty moments. Stevie Wonder joining her on stage saved it.