The Kevin Seconds 60th Birthday Video!

Kevin Seconds is a dear friend. Because we're still dealing with this pandemic nonsense (stupid Covid), a party couldn't be had. So instead, about 100 of Kevin's friends and family from the punk rock scene sent in an amazing collection of videos wishing him well on his birthday. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want to kiss Kevin for being the generally rad human that he is. Happy 60th birthday, Kevin!

Background Music:

  1. "Jaked On Green Beers"- The Alkaline Trio
  2. "Must I Paint You a Picture" - Billy Bragg
  3. "Asshat" - Brubaker
  4. "Nonstop Disco Powerback" - Beastie Boys
  5. "Joe Lies" - The Bouncing Souls
  6. "Tambourine Girl" - David Houston
  7. "Can't Wait One Minute More" - CIV
  8. "Veronica" - Elvis Costello
  9. "She's My Ex" - ALL
  10. "The Boat" - Chuck Ragan
  11. "Hang On To Your Ego" - The Beach Boys
  12. "Moonage Daydream" - David Bowie
  13. "Get The Time" - Descendents
  14. "Nervous Breakdown" - Black Flag
  15. "Can You Get Me Out of Here" - Mike Park
  16. "Reach" - Dave Brockman
  17. "Come See Me Tonight" - Daniel Johnston
  18. "Sweet Adeline" - Elliott Smith
  19. "High Lonesome" - Avail
  20. "Favorite Show" - MU330

...and "Thank You For Being a Friend" by Andrew Gold, which is the sole reason we couldn't host this video on YouTube! Not very friendly there, Mr Gold! ;)