SF Indie Mix CD Club, track listing

A while ago I joined this "mix cd club". The idea is, you make 1 mix CD (it can be any theme, or no theme), burn 12 copies and bring them to the meetup.  Then you get 12 different mix CDs from the other participants in return (the number, of course, varying each time, depending on who all signs up).  After a LONG gap in between meetups (over a year...not my fault!) we're meeting this week to do another swap.  Here's the track-listning I put together...


1. Crumb "Record Company"

2. The High Speed Scene "Assingear"

3. The Brodys "Fat Bottom Girls" (Queen cover)

4. Go National "Place To Sit"

5. Material Issue "She's Goin' Thru My Head"

6. Possum Dixon "In Buildings"

7. Popgun "Ones And Zeroes"

8. Dana Gumbiner "Kandi's Rad"

9. Anton Barbeau "Please Sir, I've Got A Wooden Leg"

10. St. Simon 3 "Rock And Roll Journalist"

11. Lael Alderman "Good Girl"'

12. Matt Skiba "Good Fucking Bye"

13. Wheat "Don't I Hold You?"

14. Jupiter Sunrise "Arthur Nix"

15. The Wunder Years "Superbowl Sunday"

16. New End Original "Cold Sweat" (Sugarcubes cover)

17. Tinfed "Dangergirl"

18. Elliott "Drive On To Me"

19. Texas Is The Reason "If It's Here When We Get Back It's Ours"

20. The Reputation "She Turned Your Head"

21. The Revolution Smile "I Was A Werewolf"

22. Andy Prieboy "Tomorrow Wendy"