RIP Prince

A few things in the collection...

2 copies of the "Purple Rain" soundtrack
"Let's Go Crazy" 12-inch DJ single
"Little Red Corvette" 7-inch (one of the first records I ever bought)
"U Got The Look" 7-inch
"Purple Rain" 7-inch on purple vinyl

...and a copy of Purple Rain on laser-disc (yes, laser-disc) that was hiding among the vinyl. I had no idea I owned that...I thought it was a 3rd copy on vinyl up until 10 minutes ago. Prince magic.

(Years ago my friend Steve and I covered "Darling Nikki" and "To The Max" in a crazy cover band we had. I probably still have the practice tape for that in a drawer somewhere.)

Someone on another FB thread said it best: all the aliens are leaving earth. That's not a good sign for us.

Godspeed, sir. You will be missed by many.