Record Digging in San Luis Obispo

Record shopping in San Luis Obispo was a first for me. Friends pointed me toward 2 stores worth visiting, Boo Boo Records and Cheap Thrills Records.

Boo Boo Records has an amazing selection, is a bit overpriced on some items, and the clerk fits the “hipster record store guy” stereotype a little too much at times. But they cary a ton of David Bowie, have a pretty good punk section, a bigger metal section, and really nice merch.  

Cheap Thrills Records is physically larger but that’s because they combined their store with the comic shop next door into one big hybrid nerdfest. The vinyl section has a challenging signal to noise ratio — lots of things worth skipping, and a super tiny “alternative” section instead of a separate “punk” section.  This meant a lot of sifting thru rap-metal and other things I don’t care about.  Add to that, the vinyl room is upstairs and sweltering hot.  So if you want a classic “record digging” experience where you’re sifting thru piles of junk to find the gems, while sweating your butt off in the attic of a house, you can get that kind of sensation here. It was almost not worth the visit until I stumbled upon their epic “soundtrack” section where I spotted several 80’s gems.  Also, they give you record protectors with every purchase for free. It balanced out. :)

The haul looked like so:

CDs —

David Bowie “Glass Spider (Live in Montreal ’87)”
David Bowie “Serious Moonlight (Live ’83)”
Descendents “ALL”

7 inches —

The Lemonheads “Style”
Steel Pole Bath Tub “Venus In Furs”
Crimpshrine “Sleep, What’s That?” EP
Lamb of God “Inherit the Earth / In The Meantime”

12 inch singles —

Yaz “Situation”
Nitzer Ebb “Getting Closer” (promo copy)

LPs —

Rubblebucket “Sun Machine”
Rancid “Radio Radio Radio - Rare Broadcasts Collection” (bootleg?)
Various Artists “Gilman Streets Ripoff” Green Day Tribute LP
“A Merge Group Plays ‘Heroes’” David Bowie Tribute LP
“Johnny Be Good” soundtrack
“Hiding Out” soundtrack
“Disorderlies” soundtrack
“Bright Lights, Big City” soundtrack
“Chess” soundtrack