New David Bowie Photo and My Old Friend Terri

I lived in fairfield in the late 80's. Across the street I had this neighbor, Terri, who was just becoming a professional actor and photographer. I'd nerd out with her about the new Def Leppard record, she introduced me to Dokken and Triumph – I still have the dubbed copies of their cassettes I made while raiding Terri's music collection.  Terri (and her then-fiancé-now-husband) was a huge influence on me.

Even in our little podunk town she was making art and supporting herself doing what she loved. She proved that it was possible, and that loving music art could be ways to make a living. You didn't have to work for the man if you were willing to bust ass and do good work.  I can still picture her putting "Images by Terriel" copyright stickers on her prints – small white Avery labels, printed at home, DIY style. And it was WORKING. Around that time Terri got a guest role on Falcon Crest.  And she somehow acquired a press pass to do photos at Day On The Green - Motley Crue, Whitesnake, Poison and Jetboy.  She invited me along; alas my parents decided I was too young to go with her. (I should have snuck out.)

We moved away. Terri and I lost track of each other. Fast-forward 20-some years later and thanks to the magic of the interwebs we reconnected a while back. Its been a blast  catching up. Its been an even bigger blast seeing that her and Mario are still together and still doing what they love.

Last week when David Bowie passed away, Terri and Mario sent me this print from Terri's archives. It's from when David received his star on the Hollywood walk of fame, and it's absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to frame it and find a proper space to hang it up.

Thanks Terri. For not just the pic but so many other things too.

David Bowie Hollywood Walk of Fame

(Photo used with permission. Copyright © Terriel Lara Archives ®)