KDVS playlist

Here's the playlist from my guest-DJ show on KDVS earlier tonight...

The Generals - Eli
Cause And Effect - You Think You Know Her
The Onlymen - Brainiac
The Nickel Slots - Stop Sign
Cake - Jolene
Little Guilt Shrine - V
Far - At Night We Live
Deftones - Beauty School
Will Haven - Ego's Game
The Brodys - Have A Good Summer
Kevin Seconds - Message to KV
The Hanover Saints - The Crosshairs
David Houston - Silly Moon

Thanks to everyone that listened, and to DJ Maggie Cat for helping with everything. They were hardcore about making sure nothing "self serving" was done during the show, so I wasn't allowed to play any Kimberly Trip or Zen Arcadia songs. I wasn't even allowed to say I was IN either of those bands! The FCC is coming down hard on our beloved indie stations! I would've thought they were still too busy suing college kids for using LimeWire, and harassing deaf people that use VRS to bother with college radio stations. Apparently not! :)