KDVS playlist

Here's the playlist from my show on KDVS:

1. The Brodys "Rope Burn"
2. Tough Luxury "Pleasure Box"
3. The Athens "Suzannah"
4. The Kimberly Trip "Cliche Love Song"
5. Jeff Pitcher "So You Don't Have To"
6. The Nickel Slots "Come Back"
7. Sal Valentino "I Love You, I Do"
8. Christian Kiefer "Bad Dreams"
9. Noah Nelson "E and T unlike X"
10. Plastic dBo Band "Wake Up"
11. Deftones "Digital Bath"
12. Far "Man Overboard"
13. Bag of Kittens "I Used To Say Your Name"
14. Ghetto Moments "I Feel Done In"

Thanks everyone that listened, and to DJ Oddy and KDVS for hosting me. And thanks to the dude that called in and thanked us for playing the Deftones and Far tracks. It was good to know somebody was actually listening, even if the guy DID think Far ripped off Shortie. :)