Digging at Dimple Records One Last Time

We lost the Tower Records chain a couple years ago, and I waited too long during their liquidation sales to get anything good. Sadly we’re losing Dimple Records now as well. At least this time I jumped on the sales quicker; last week Tony and I hit literally every Dimple Records in the Sacramento area and raided the vinyl bins.

There’s still quite a bit of good stuff on the shelves everywhere. We didn’t leave empty handed at any of the locations. Roseville had a good selection of emo/post hardcore still available, and several copies of the great local band Brubaker’s debut album on vinyl.  Citrus Heights was a bit more picked over, but we still found some gems. The Arden and Broadway locations seem to be the most picked over (understandably) but there are still some surprises among the shelves. I suspect discounts will get even better as time goes on, but there’s no known date yet for when the stores will close. You may want to just jump on the sales now rather than risk waiting.

My haul looks about like so:

12” Maxi Singles -

David Bowie “Heroes” (German Import w/ German and French versions)
Limahl “Only For Love”
Nena “99 Luftballons”
N.W.A. “Gangsta Gangsta / Dopeman”
Tin Machine “Under The God”
Yaz “Nobody’s Diary"

LPs -

“Beside Bowie: The Mick Ronson Story” Soundtrack
“Cat People” Soundtrack
The Jim Carroll Band “Catholic Boy”
Nemirah “Via Telepathy”
Our Impact Will Be Felt: A Tribute to Sick Of It All
The Promise Ring “Very Emergency”
The Promise Ring “The Horse Latitudes”
The Promise Ring “30 Degrees Everywhere”
Sense Field “Living Outside”
Shelter “Quest for Certainty”
Rockabye Baby: Lullaby Renditions of Depeche Mode
Slade “Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply”
Where Is My Mind? A Tribute to The Pixies
Yaz “Reconnected Live”
Yaz “You And Me Both” (w/ promo stamp)

various vinyl records purchased at Dimple