May 25, 2015
Memorial Day Tradition

[INVALID] Each year I celebrate Memorial Day by doing the same things...

April 18, 2015
Adventures of Record Store Day 2015

Record Store Day 2015! I hit 6 stores, made purchases at 5 of them, and even discovered a new store to add to my list this year (Barney's Music in Woodland...nice guys). Thanks to Mo and Jen for scouting out places in the bay area and helping out! My record collection thanks you!

April 13, 2015
Happy Replacements Day!

Tonight I'm headed to San Francisco to see THE REPLACEMENTS play a show.  I'm having a hard time believing this is a real thing that's actually happening.  Time travel is indeed possible! I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. This is going to rock so hard. \m/


April 3, 2015
5 Underrated 90's College Radio Albums

In which the protagonist waxes poetic about albums nobody bought, but should have.

March 9, 2015
Santa Cruz Road Trip Purchases

Nolan went to Santa Cruz to watch 7 Seconds, and discovered The Interruptors.  And of course, some new music had to be purchased as well.

November 21, 2014
Top Albums of 2014

It’s that time of year again when I nerd out and share my 10 favorite (and least favorite) albums that were released during this calendar year. In no particular order (except number 1)...

May 25, 2014
Memorial Day CD Shopping

Every year, I celebrate Memorial Day by doing 2 things...

December 6, 2013
Top Albums of 2013

It's that time of year where I nerd out over the CDs purchased in the last 12 months and pick my favorites.  I spent a big portion of this year stuck in some sort of 90's-post-hardcore fixation (mostly purchasing things like old Jawbreaker and Helmet albums), but to my surprise I did end up buying and enjoying several things released in 2013.

December 14, 2012
Top Albums of 2012

I bought lots of stuff this year (as I usually do) but a big percentage of it was filling in gaps in the collection, and not many new releases. There just wasn't as much new stuff that piqued my interest this year. With that being said...

December 23, 2011
Best CDs of 2011

It's that time of year again when I nerd out about all the CDs I bought this year and try to compile a "best of" list...