5 David Bowie Songs You Should Know

Who says Bowie was phoning it in during the 80's? Or that Tin Machine wasn't any good? Unacceptable gibberish! The Labyrinth soundtrack alone has 3 or 4 gems from The Thin White Duke. And if nothing else, the Tin Machine records were an introduction for many of us to the great guitar work of Reeves Gabrels (though they technically worked on a few things together before that as well). And seriously...that's just the tip of the ice berg. I firmly stand behind the Tin Machine records. And the 80's Bowie albums. Yes even the ones that include Muppets on them.

Be it his Ziggy-era or his 80's-Muppet-enhanced songs or something else, I see no low period in the material. Here are five semi-atypical Bowie songs that you should know...

  1. Underground (from "Labyrinth" Soundtrack)
  2. Day In Day Out (from "Never Let Me Down")
  3. Under The God (from "Tin Machine")
  4. I Have Not Been To Oxford Town (from "Outside")
  5. Seven (from “Hours”)